Our service principle

Axsym has a small team of consultants who are industry-leading experts in their fields, who are innovative in the application of technology to solve problems, who are thorough in assessing the suitability of a solution to meet customer requirements and who will become part of your team. We will deliver the best service available, without bias towards predetermined methods or products. We are transparent about our own capabilities and if we are aware of a more suitable solution than we can provide, we will always inform the customer of this.

More than engineering

Axsym was established in 2010 as an aerodynamics and structures engineering consultancy with specialist expertise in the design, analysis and mathematical modelling of rotary aeroelastics. Most of our engineering services are provided within the UK, although we also deliver aerospace engineering services in Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients range from large multi-national organisations to small and medium enterprises in the aerospace and wind energy sectors.

With support from Innovate UK for innovative software technology development, Axsym's services have expanded in two areas:
  • analysis automation - integrating datasets and software tools for engineering and non-engineering analysis processes; and
  • analytical software development - for the enhancement of aerospace and energy industry in-house software.
We have proven our analysis automation capability, using our software Teclab, on transport network management and local energy system design challenges. We have provided analytical software development to large multi-national aerospace and wind energy clients.

Evolution of our services


We developed machine learning algorithms to enhance our design optimisation services. This enabled pattern recognition models to be used to map a product's design space and thereby reduce design costs and duration required for repetitive evaluation of product designs through experimental testing or computationally intensive modelling.


To provide our aeroelastic analysis service to the wind energy sector, we created our AE360 software to simulate wind turbine performance, vibration and loads. The software is able to model vertical axis and horizontal axis wind turbines for all sizes from micro portable systems to giant off-shore turbines.


To enable analysts to select software models and datasets to be used for a simulation, we started developing Teclab. Teclab has evolved into a data and software integration environment that has been proven, with Innovate UK support, to save significant labour costs and time in transport network management and in local energy system design.


We started developing a new engineering simulation environment for a large aerospace client, incorporating six in-house codes into a single adaptable software package. Teclab has proven our innovative approach to software architecture, to deliver user-friendly adaptable simulation software that can be easily upgraded with future analytical models.


Managing Director


Will Maybury
t: +44 (0)1935 863076
m: +44 (0)7789 828686

Will is driven by technology innovation and working with highly talented people. He has an aptitude to absorb complex information from diverse sources and has the vision to apply technology to solve novel problems. He has an established track record for identifying enabling technologies required to meet long-term business requirements.

Will founded Axsym Limited in 2010 to provide engineering consultancy services, analytical methods development and analysis process automation. During this time, he has secured substantial funding for client research programmes and in-house software development, including evaluating the commercialisation of machine learning algorithms and implementing software and data integration environments. He previously worked for AgustaWestland (now Leonardo Helicopters) for 9 years, was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Ulm University (Germany) for 2 years and holds a PhD from Bristol University. He became a Chartered Engineer in 2010.

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