Analysis automation

Data and software integration service

We provide configured software to automate analytical processes, to minimise manual data manipulation and thereby streamline the running of simulations and ensure repeatable results. Our solution can accommodate a diverse range of dataset structures and data types. The data handling of most software packages can be automated, including commercial software, in-house codes and scripts, database management systems and spreadsheets. In addition, simulations that have data inter-dependencies and feedback loops between analytical models, that require an iterative computational process, can also be automated.

Our automation software environment, Teclab, will manage the analysis data transfer and run a reconfigurable end-to-end analytical process at the click of a button. Axsym will provide a configured version of Teclab to meet to automation requirements and we can develop supporting code or scripts if required. As analysis processes change in the future, Teclab offers an easy-to-use adaptable system that can be updated or expanded by the end user.

Improved quality and productivity

The analysis automation process, using Teclab, can be built into a customer dashboard or data visualisation tools to manage the analysis automation process and to carry out analysis post-processing tasks to ensure that analysts can utilise their time effectively. In addition, the automated analysis process can facilitate optimisation or parametric design processes, achieving enhanced simulation conclusions over manual data processing approaches.

Axsym has used Teclab to automate simulations for transport network analysis and for local energy system design. The integrated Teclab solution was demonstrated to successfully reduce analysis times from hours to minutes, resulting in reduced project costs and improved response times to analysis tasks.

Automation advantages of Teclab

Solution longevity

There are several approaches to automation of data processing that organisations can adopt, such as: analysts developing scripts in-house; analysts using robotic software automation packages to record analysis process macros; and by using a third-party to write bespoke software. All approaches face different challenges to the longevity of the automation solution. In-house scripts may be dependent on a single employee, robotic packages are sensitive to hardware and software changes, and third-party software restricts analysts from updating the automation process.

Teclab can deliver integrated solutions in a quality-assured framework designed for longevity, including version control to manage change by multiple users, an intuitive visual interface for high-level model development, and adaptable software interfaces that can be configured without the need for programming skills. Once an integrated system is created using Teclab, it is relatively straightforward for future team members to carry out incremental changes and add new features throughout the lifecycle of the analysis requirement.

Rapid and adaptable

Implementation of an analysis automation solution within Teclab, by Axsym, is a relatively short project. Generally, two weeks would enable the automation of an analysis process involving several small datasets and several software tools, which can include customer scripts, commercial software and spreadsheet packages.

Request for case studies

We are looking for opportunities to demonstrate our analysis automation services in a wide range of sectors. Does your industry have analytical processes requiring significant manual data transfer? If so, could you define a case study for us to deliver a demonstration solution to meet representative operational data and software integration requirements of your company? If this is of interest please contact Stuart Moffatt.