Analysis automation, software development and engineering consultancy

We provide analysis automation services to streamline analysis processes, analytical software development to enhance client in-house software and engineering for the design and analysis of rotary aerodynamics and aeroelastic structures. Our services are connected by our skill sets in engineering analysis, analysis automation and software architecture development.

Data and software integration

Analysis automation services
streamlining data processing

Analytical software development

Analytical software development
breathing life into legacy code

Aerodynamics and structures

Engineering consultancy
leaders in rotary aeroelastics

Advanced and adaptable analytical software

Our data and software integration services are delivered using our software Teclab, which enables automation processes set up by us to be modified and updated by the customer.

Our analytical software development services exploit our unique knowledge of analytical software architectures gained through the development of Teclab. The proven innovative architecture enables the consolidation of numerous client codes into a single user-friendly, adaptable simulation software that can be easily upgraded with future analytical models.

Our services for wind energy engineering and aerospace software enhancement are supported by our rotary aeroelastics code AE360.

All types of projects

We work on engineering and non-engineering projects of any size from one-off consultancy meetings to large projects for analytical software integration and aerodynamic structural design. Automation projects tend to be relatively short, owing to the benefits of using Teclab. A project of two weeks would enable the automation of an analysis process involving several small datasets and several software tools, which can include customer codes and scripts, commercial software and spreadsheet packages.